Our nbn™ speeds

3 speeds designed to deliver you what you need, no matter how you use the internet.




11Mbps typical evening speed during 7pm-11pm* Key Facts Sheet: nbnTM services

Basic speed for web essentials.
Surf, email and download music.
Use for up to 2 devices.




24Mbps typical evening speed during 7pm-11pm* Key Facts Sheet: nbnTM services

Most popular for medium usage.
Stream in HD, work from home and live gaming.
Use for up to 4 devices.




47Mbps typical evening speed during 7pm-11pm* Key Facts Sheet: nbnTM services

Great for internet enthusiasts.
Stream like a pro, enjoy more media and live gaming.
Best for 5+ devices.

* Typical evening speed indicates average measured download speeds between 7pm and 11pm. Your actual speeds may be different due to various factors. FTTN/FTTB/FTTC/Fixed Wireless speeds to be confirmed once active. Fixed wireless speeds may be slower. See About nbn™ Speeds for more info.

A few more things about nbn™ speed and performance.

Yes. Each nbn™ technology type has a range of theoretical maximum line speeds. These speeds outline the highest possible speed that a connection can achieve. Note: the actual speeds that you experience may often be slower than the theoretical maximum for your technology type and speed tier.

During peak times (between 7pm – 11pm) you may experience variations in your speed. This is caused by more people connecting to the internet in your area and a reduced capacity. If you’d like to know what your average speed is during peak times, check your speed tier in the speed descriptions.

Things like your modem age and quality, Wi-Fi network, in-home wiring, the device that you are using and the content that you are downloading can all affect the actual speed you experience.

Where you place your modem and any radio or electrical interference from other devices can cause disruptions to your Wi-Fi network.

Yes, your modem can affect your speeds. If you’re using the nbn™ modem that was supplied by Dodo, it will already be configured to work well on the nbn™.

Yes. If the copper lines in your home are damaged or connected badly, it can affect your speeds. Dodo have trained technicians who can inspect the copper lines in your home and help resolve any issues. We can help organise this at a cost to you.

Here are a few ways to help improve the Wi-Fi performance in your home:

  • Put your modem in a central position in your home.

  • Do you have a multi-story house? Put your modem near the stairwell.

From time to time, unexpected conditions will affect the nbn™ network.

We won’t be able to confirm your maximum line speed until we’ve installed and activated your home to the nbn™. As soon as you’re connected, we can check if your line can support the speed tier that you’ve chosen. If it can’t. We can move you to a lower speed tier.

Yes, you can. But upgrading your speed tier may not improve your speeds. Contact our Tech Support team to see if upgrading your speed tier will increase the speeds you experience.